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Why Aspen?


Equipment inspection, wear and tear summary, valuation, and posted to your preferred online remarketing sites, all in under 3 days from end of lease.


With Aspen AI, the historically cumbersome process of compiling repair estimates is now fully automated. Aspen AI identifies and calculates all repair costs, delivering them in a justifiable, transparent, and stand alone PDF.


Aspen captures thousands of data points each day. All data is visible on your customized dashboard, delivering actionable insights and allowing for strategic decision making.


What They say about us

YES Leasing

We use Aspen for all of our inspections.  Time is money in our business and the folks at Aspen have a great sense of urgency.  They way they do inspections is lightning fast compared to the rest of the industry.  Kaleb and the team go above and beyond.  Highly recommend!

Ops MAnager
Equipment Finance Company

Aspen has been a great company to work with! Great customer service.They can usually get an inspector for me within 24 hours even in a rural area!Quality of the reports are great and they are more than willing to take the extra step to ensure we get everything we need.

Slim capital

Cort and his team have developed a revolutionary, yet simple solution to what was an onerous process. With remote inspection technology, we have the peace of mind in knowing our inspections are reliable, timely and don't inhibit our workflow. His courteous and helpful staff always create a pleasant environment for our clients to aid in completing our inspections.

Currency Capital

We have utilized Maven for several years and have been continuously satisfied with the service and professionalism of the Maven team handling inspections for us. As our business requirements have changed, Maven has always helped find new solutions for us and work with our business to ensure they fit in with our processes. Maven definitively handles the heavy lifting when it comes to our inspection needs and has proved themselves as a valuable partner for years to come.

Our Process

What we do,
so you don't have to

Step One

Same-day Inspections

Aspen’s unique combination of mechanics, 5,000+ Field Reps and GoVideo (our proprietary, real-time video technology) allows us to perform expert, in-depth inspections the same day they are requested. Aspen performs inspections daily worldwide. 

GoVideo Technology

Our field reps assist our mechanics, holding their smart device for our mechanics to inspect the equipment. By use of our proprietary technology, GoVideo, our mechanics can view and listen to the asset in real time.  Our mechanics perform an in-depth inspection, capturing data, photos, audio, and video as needed, all from aspen headquarters.

Step Two

Wear and Tear Summary

We review your lease return provisions line by line and tailor wear and tear criteria to match. Aspen AI reviews every data entry, comparing it to your lease provisions.

The cost of repairs is assessed and delivered as a transparent, standalone PDF.

Stand Alone PDF

Each item triggered appears on a stand alone PDF with itemized costs, a photo of the damage and a reference to the applicable provision.

This allows for justifiable, transparent wear and tear summaries to be sent to your customer.

Scannable QR Code

The summary includes a scannable QR code, allowing dealers and customers to file disputes which are stored and easily managed on your personal dashboard.

Step Three


Upon the completion of the inspection, we deliver an in-depth valuation, taking into account market conditions and geography. We provide a fair market value, a wholesale value and an auction price.

Step Four

One Click

With a single click the equipment video, photos and data are posted to your preferred re-marketing platforms, facilitating a higher sales price and faster asset turnover.

Step five

Dashboard for Analytics

Aspen’s analysis of your assets comes with a mass of useful data, delivered in a customized dashboard. This allows for actionable insights and strategic decision making.

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